viernes, 3 de septiembre de 2010

Who are we

The Sircadia Project has gone through various stages since it was projected in Spain about 20 years ago, and it has been taking shape with the collaboration and support of Ma Ines and Daniel from Lima, Jorge from Arequipa, Marifel from Madrid, and with the contributions in the form of stimulus, work, of a great group of brotherly minded people.

The promotion and global responsibility of the project gravitates around Albert from Girona (Spain), and his wife Gabi from Marl (Germany), veterans of life. Albert was born in 1946, and Gabi much younger was born in 19 …? . They have five children whose ages range from 15 to 30 years old, and have lived since they got together in the country with a naturist philosophy. Their children were even born in a natural way at home.

Spain and Europe became limited and did no longer offer the possibility of a life without pressures, in a spacious natural environment within their economical means where they could offer something real, and of quality to their children. South America was their best option and a paradise located in Peru called Madre Selva was granted to them by the Universe after putting the whole family through some tough tests.

Finally the ideal conditions have been put in place in order to accomplish this lifetime dream which we assumed as a part of our planetary mission, a dream which not only will benefit a few families and individuals, but in fact will serve as a model of experimental natural and harmonious living that goes in accordance with the present modern times.

Their vast experience in ecology, nutrition and health is available to this great project.

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