jueves, 30 de septiembre de 2010


We are Sircadia Project from Peru, an eco project that had started in 2008.

We manage over 110h of humid cloud forest, near the town of Quillabamba, in the province of Cusco. We are located in a closed valley with a private access, which creates an appropriate environment for our activities and the project of conservation on private level according to the Peruvian law.

The location is a true piece of paradise, a private valley, surrounded with a intact native forest with over 10 waterfalls scattered around the area and with a presence of hundred species of birds and other animals.

Our project comprises an eco-farm supporting the eco-community, a jungle lodge and health centre that caters for a variety of visitors coming in search of: health and rest, integration with nature, adventure and mystical experiences.

Please visit individual websites for more details:

1. Sircadia Health Project - Homa Therapy, yoga, meditation and rest

2. Eco-Community

3. Madre Selva Ecolodge – adventure and mystical tourism

4. Integral model farm - permaculture, food preservation and fruits and honey production

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