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We are Sircadia Project from Peru, an eco project that had started in 2008.

We manage over 110h of humid cloud forest, near the town of Quillabamba, in the province of Cusco. We are located in a closed valley with a private access, which creates an appropriate environment for our activities and the project of conservation on private level according to the Peruvian law.

The location is a true piece of paradise, a private valley, surrounded with a intact native forest with over 10 waterfalls scattered around the area and with a presence of hundred species of birds and other animals.

Our project comprises an eco-farm supporting the eco-community, a jungle lodge and health centre that caters for a variety of visitors coming in search of: health and rest, integration with nature, adventure and mystical experiences.

Please visit individual websites for more details:

1. Sircadia Health Project - Homa Therapy, yoga, meditation and rest

2. Eco-Community

3. Madre Selva Ecolodge – adventure and mystical tourism

4. Integral model farm - permaculture, food preservation and fruits and honey production

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Our objectives

Our main objectives can be defined as follows:

* preserve the native forest

* set up an self sufficient community, for those wishing to live integrated with nature

* create a model permaculture farm that would sustain our eco-community

We are open to visitors and volunteers, which is a way for us to:

* offer the opportunity to learn about permaculture, food production and preservation and eco- construction

* promote the `new`, natural way of living and health patterns

* simply share the place with others

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Visiting Sircadia

We are open to visitors, who wish to stay at our paradise and learn of what we do, visit the community and the eco farm.

You are welcome to stay at our Madre Selva Lodge.

For details and prices please visit our
Madre Selva Lodge website >>

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Volunteering programmes

There are volunteering opportunities for everyone, there is plenty to do and plenty to learn at our eco project and so individual skills and interest can easily be applied.

Volunteers will be able to help in all working areas, such as construction, farming, gardening, tourism, teaching, as well as contribute with ideas to the overall design of the project.

Volunteers will live as part of the community and as such will also participate in the daily duties such as cooking, washing, shopping, etc.

Our project is about preservation of a native forest so that the local community and others can visit and enjoy the unspolit nature.
Also we aim to promote organic farming and eco community way of life.

It is not a volunteer programme that helps those in poor/under-educated areas, the programme is rather looking into the future.
This is a pioneer project, the work in all done manually, the food is cooked on fire, the bath is in the waterfall, the nearest shop is 5 hours away and we lack all commodities found in the city, in brief this is a great school of a real life experience, resource management and living with other people under one roof.

Please see conditions for volunteers >>
For volunteering opportunities on our eco farm please click here >>

For volunteering opportunities in teaching and tourism please click here >>

Interested volunteers can contact us in English, German or Spanish by email: accionverde@gmail.com

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Volunteers - conditions

Working hours and lenght of stay
Volunteers are requested to work 5 hours daily (Sundays off).
The minimum stay as a volunteer is 15 days. There is no maximum stay.

Costs involved
Each parecipant covers own costs of arriving to Quillabamba and to our farm.

We ask a small financial contribution from all volunteers in order to help with food and maintainance.

Contribution asked:
As a volunteer your room and board costs will be in the amount of $10,00 dollars per day for the first month. For the second month, the cost of your room and board will go down to $8,00 dollars per day.
If you decide to stay as a volunteer for 3 months and longer your room and board costs will
be 5$.
Please pay for your first 15 days upon your arrival in Quillabamba.

Other options

3 day Jungle visit USD 75

5 days Work & Travel USD 100

Also volunteer and learning Spanish programs

Spiritual retreats & mystical experiences - Ayahuaska

Other conditions
* Drugs and alcohol are prohibited onsite.
* Each participant is responsible for obtaining a valid tourist visa (usually 3 months)
* Volunteers should be 18 years old. Anyone younger than 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
* There is no minimum level of spanish required - if fact we offer spanish courses on site as well.

Please also visit what-to-bring page >>

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Who are we

The Sircadia Project has gone through various stages since it was projected in Spain about 20 years ago, and it has been taking shape with the collaboration and support of Ma Ines and Daniel from Lima, Jorge from Arequipa, Marifel from Madrid, and with the contributions in the form of stimulus, work, of a great group of brotherly minded people.

The promotion and global responsibility of the project gravitates around Albert from Girona (Spain), and his wife Gabi from Marl (Germany), veterans of life. Albert was born in 1946, and Gabi much younger was born in 19 …? . They have five children whose ages range from 15 to 30 years old, and have lived since they got together in the country with a naturist philosophy. Their children were even born in a natural way at home.

Spain and Europe became limited and did no longer offer the possibility of a life without pressures, in a spacious natural environment within their economical means where they could offer something real, and of quality to their children. South America was their best option and a paradise located in Peru called Madre Selva was granted to them by the Universe after putting the whole family through some tough tests.

Finally the ideal conditions have been put in place in order to accomplish this lifetime dream which we assumed as a part of our planetary mission, a dream which not only will benefit a few families and individuals, but in fact will serve as a model of experimental natural and harmonious living that goes in accordance with the present modern times.

Their vast experience in ecology, nutrition and health is available to this great project.

More about us >>

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Quillabamba is a small city located about 175 kilometers from Cusco ( a 6 hour trip by bus), and 125 km away from Machu Picchu.

Quillabamba is the capital of the Province of “La Convencion”, and the main access to the project.

To get to our location you must take a vehicle for about 1 hour from Quillabamba, and then you must hike for a period of about 2 hours.

Please get in touch with us in order for a pickup in Quillabamba to be arranged.
Here are instructions how to arrive to Quillabamba >>

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e-mail: accionverde@gmail.com

Other phone numbers:

00 51 - (0)84 202200

Mobile phones:
00 51 - (0)84 984 796 013 (Gabi)
00 51 - (0)84 984 221 415 (Albert)

Madreselva (distrito de Sta Ana) - Quillabamba, provincia de La Convención en el Departamento de Cusco.

Our group on Facebook >>

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The people

Albert (Banijam)

Born in Girona, Spain in 1946.

Studied Chemistry and for more than 10 years worked in the food industry in charge of the food analysis laboratory, and served as a technical advisor as well. He founded a second private food analysis laboratory in Girona, Spain. His experience with the food industry ended up on a sour note due to lack of ethics and humanitarian responsibility on the part of other people involved in the industry.
In the 80’s due to personal reasons converted to Experimental Naturism, and got involved in Naturopathy. In the 90’s he got involved in Clinical Psychology as well. He did a lot of workshops and courses in the field of Alternative Medicine. He studied Medical Radiesthesia and Geobiology in Poland, and these specialties started him on a renewed professional trajectory, and opened his mind to the field of subtle powers. By this time he was already living in the open countryside, and had established a stable wonderful relationship with his wife Gabi. Family and work increased and went on between the Medical Practice, the Medical Radiesthesia Shops, Geobiology and Feng Shui .

* First Independent Candidate to the European Parliament for the Ecological Party “Alternativa Verde” or (Green Alternative) from Cataluna .
* Founder and President of the Ment Clara Association for Health and Quality of Life which has promoted events related to Integral Holistic Therapies.
* Two National Gatherings for New Era Vibration therapies in Arenys de Munt-BCN. First Gathering called “Understanding your illness”, in Girona, Spain, “Science with a Conscience” with German scientists Stefan Lanka and Heinrich Kremer both Doctors of Medicine and Biology respectively and dissidents of the Official Medical Hypothesis about Cancer and Aids who explain the risks of
* Coordination in Barcelona of Amazonian Shamanism ceremonies with Entheogens.
* Coordination in Barcelona of Cultural and Therapeutic activities with the Tibetan monks from the Gaden Sharte monastery in India.
* Member of an Interdisciplinary Therapeutic Fraternity or (Association) a nationwide Entity in Spain where knowledge and professional experiences are shared between the Physicians, the Therapy staff and the patients.
* Co founder Partner of “ECOMEDICINA”, a medical Interdisciplinary Association dedicated to investigation and to the practice of different Medical procedures.


Ten day grape diet, a 15 day water fast and another one of 21 days. An experimental hike using the “el Camino de Santiago” path. A 17 day hike after eating some fruit and taking Quinton Marine Plasma for breakfast.


* Co Founder of the “Tawantinsuyo” Ethno Archeological Institute for the recovery of the Chaski Institution and the re establishment of the trekking through the Inca Trail with the purpose of contributing to the recognizing of tradition, to tourism development, to prosperity, and the self esteem of the indigenous communities.
* Founder and President of the environmental nonprofit Organization “ACCION VERDE” (Green Action).
* The only Organizer in 500 years of the first Chaski march through Tawantinsuyo to welcome in Cusco the Presidency of Dr. Alejandro Toledo.
* A collaborator in organizing the 4th World Congress of Traditional Medicines in Lima.
* Investigator of the psychotherapeutic effect of ethnic traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies.
* Advisor and collaborator of the “Casa del Sol” (House of the Sun) Medical Team in Andauaylillas, and Cusco.
* Conductor of the TV program “Salud y Vida”(Health and Life), in Channel 7 –Austral TV in Cusco.
* Conductor of the TV Program ”Escuela de Vida” (School of Life) in Quillabamba.
* Promoter and Executor of the Health and Eco Tourist Project SIRCADIA in Madre Selva, Cusco.
* Did a workshop to avoid Forest Fires promoted by the Cusco region.
* Habitual Press, Radio and TV collaborator in order to divulge Health, Spiritualism and a Quality of Life.

Guillem y Angela
Guillem was born 34 years ago in Girona, (Cataluna, Spain).
He lives in Peru with his wife of 2 years Angela from Cusco. They both work in the Tourism Industry as Tour Conductor and guide respectively. They are involved in the project at all levels. Due to their jobs and family circumstances only reside on a temporary basis at Madre Selva.

Decided to cross the sea and embark on a new life adventure, a new reality. She was the first person to approach the SIRCADIA Project with a fraternal vision, and the total commitment so typical of the People that are on the path of the Light.

Born in Lima 41 years ago. Came to Machu Picchu 8 years ago, and 5 years ago arrived in Quillabamba to get involved in Tourism and the Hostel Industry. He gave up the business world altogether to join the Project on a full time basis over a year ago. At the moment he is the caretaker of the Complex. He is responsible for the physical part of the Lodge and he is the Logistic Coordinator as well. He is an avid walker and a great Chess player.

Thomas (35 years old, polish) had lived in variuos places in Europe and in Brazil. He has years of experience in managing marketing and online projects and now works as well as a spiritual guide and holistic healer. More information can be found on his page: http://healingbyenergy.blogspot.com/

Thomas helpes the project with the webpages and the volunteer programme.

Colombian/Canadian, 58, an assiduous world traveler, and a person of community. At the moment he works with the U.S. Department of Immigration as a Translator/Interpreter. A dedicate nature lover, his interests include the Mystical and all that brings good and positive energy. He has visited the Sircadia Project twice this year so far (2010). He collaborates along with Thomas, in translations of all issues related to the Project. At present he resides in the United States, but plans to live in Peru in the near future.