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Volunteers - conditions

Working hours and lenght of stay
Volunteers are requested to work 5 hours daily (Sundays off).
The minimum stay as a volunteer is 15 days. There is no maximum stay.

Costs involved
Each parecipant covers own costs of arriving to Quillabamba and to our farm.

We ask a small financial contribution from all volunteers in order to help with food and maintainance.

Contribution asked:
As a volunteer your room and board costs will be in the amount of $10,00 dollars per day for the first month. For the second month, the cost of your room and board will go down to $8,00 dollars per day.
If you decide to stay as a volunteer for 3 months and longer your room and board costs will
be 5$.
Please pay for your first 15 days upon your arrival in Quillabamba.

Other options

3 day Jungle visit USD 75

5 days Work & Travel USD 100

Also volunteer and learning Spanish programs

Spiritual retreats & mystical experiences - Ayahuaska

Other conditions
* Drugs and alcohol are prohibited onsite.
* Each participant is responsible for obtaining a valid tourist visa (usually 3 months)
* Volunteers should be 18 years old. Anyone younger than 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
* There is no minimum level of spanish required - if fact we offer spanish courses on site as well.

Please also visit what-to-bring page >>

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  1. Hi, I'm going to Peru in February and I'm very interested in your volunteer programs, but I can only volunteer for a maximum of ten days, are there any exceptions to the 15 day minimum requirements?