lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

Volunteering programmes

There are volunteering opportunities for everyone, there is plenty to do and plenty to learn at our eco project and so individual skills and interest can easily be applied.

Volunteers will be able to help in all working areas, such as construction, farming, gardening, tourism, teaching, as well as contribute with ideas to the overall design of the project.

Volunteers will live as part of the community and as such will also participate in the daily duties such as cooking, washing, shopping, etc.

Our project is about preservation of a native forest so that the local community and others can visit and enjoy the unspolit nature.
Also we aim to promote organic farming and eco community way of life.

It is not a volunteer programme that helps those in poor/under-educated areas, the programme is rather looking into the future.
This is a pioneer project, the work in all done manually, the food is cooked on fire, the bath is in the waterfall, the nearest shop is 5 hours away and we lack all commodities found in the city, in brief this is a great school of a real life experience, resource management and living with other people under one roof.

Please see conditions for volunteers >>
For volunteering opportunities on our eco farm please click here >>

For volunteering opportunities in teaching and tourism please click here >>

Interested volunteers can contact us in English, German or Spanish by email:

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